Team Coaching and Personal & Professional Coaching for Women

Team coaching is one of my passions. If you want to achieve high performance results, using Agile or not, I can guide you!

Coaching for women: if you want to achieve a balance in all parts of your life, I can help you! We can take a virtual coffee, so I can tell you my story, results and methodology.




Are you starting in the Agile world? If you are a developer, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Project Manager or a beginner Agile Coach, I can help you! Through my mentoring program we can focus on specific areas of improvement so that you are a successful agile professional.

Career Mentoring for Women: If you’re a woman, early in your career, or recently a mom, let’s talk while having a virtual coffee (or tea)! I am a mother, a woman of technology and I can help you!




Introduction to Agile Workshop: Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Management 3.0

Visual Thinking Workshop: Fundamentals Visual thinking and Sketchnoting.

Learning Shots: What are Learning Shots? A facilitator, a topic and many people sharing their experiences.

“Hands on” Sessions using the principles of Learning 3.0. Because sharing is the new learning … and teaching!

Team Coaching Workshop: The sessions will be personalized according to the needs and objectives of your team.

Lean Inception Sessions: We will start the development of your product with a shared vision among all involved, definition of the MVP and much more. I will guide the session using the Lean Inception techniques created by, in addition to my years of experience conducting those sessions.




Meetups and conferences where I will be able to share all my experience and we can learning by sharing knowledge and impressions. I can make the presentations in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

If you are interested in talking
about these matters,