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With more than two decades of experience working for multinational companies and consultancies, my professional career led me to discover the power of Agile Methodologies in 2012. Since then, I have been supporting and guiding leaders and teams to achieve high performance workplaces by improving their products and services based on Agile methods and new ways of working, innovation processes and methods to improve our interpersonal skills.

My journey has led me to international opportunities, including working in Spain since 2015. Along the way, I have dedicated my time to studying human behaviour, leadership subjects and neuroscience, consolidating a diverse background.
With this background, I have helped more than 10,000 people and companies globally, offering consultancy, training, lecturing, and facilitating sessions for leaders, groups and teams.
My main focus is on leaders and their teams, guiding, facilitating and promoting self-directed learning to achieve better results and better working environments. 

In the complex scenario in which we live nowadays, I don’t believe in linear and unidirectional solutions. My approach is always personalized, plural and bidirectional, tailored made to the real needs of each client.

What does the Tati Rocha method represent?

We learn throughout our lives, absorbing experiences, watching, listening and experimenting. What adults don’t realise is that, in order to advance in our growth, we sometimes have to forget what we have learned and start again, like when we were children playing with pieces of wood to build our world.

Making the Idea


The pieces which we learn by experimenting and creating.

Diversity – Learning – Team – Purpose


It builds a symbol that means T+R and represents the values of my work.

Add – Build – Share – Facilitate

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